Online Formation Registration Page

Hello and Welcome!

We are so excited to have you with us for this upcoming 2021-2022 Formation Year. We will be returning to in-person formation this year! Formation will be by class up through 8th grade.

Formation will be each Sunday from 9:15 to 10:45AM in the classrooms and Parish Center of the Church. 

First Communion Preparation will be a separate class for those children who are in the second grade or older.

High school students will all be in one class together this year, except for Confirmation Preparation, which will be a separate class.

There will be formation classes offered for adults as well. Adults will have multiple classes to choose from.

Please call the Church office with any questions about formation at 940-686-2088. 

Start date for Faith Formation: September 12, 2021

Please register your family online using the button below: