Funeral Information

To schedule a funeral, please call our office. It is appropriate to call the emergency number on weekends or early evening hours.  

Once a funeral is scheduled, please contact the Funeral Coordinator.  The Funeral Coordinator will help with the planning of the funeral services at St. Thomas. It is not enough to only talk to the funeral home. You must contact the Funeral Coordinator at St. Thomas. 

Funeral Coordinator:  Nancy Dechaud (214-537-2490)

Funeral Services:

  • Visitation:  

    • Optional scripture and/or rosary service led by Deacon or family member

  • Mass: 

    • Celebrated by our pastor, Fr. John Martin, in most cases.  Deacon may also attend.

    • Musician available for a fee to play piano and/or guitar, sing and/or lead choir 

    • Volunteers available for other ministries, such as lector, or family members may participate 

    • Honorariums are customary for the priest and deacon

  • Cemetery Service:

    • Usually follows Mass.