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Funeral Information

To schedule a funeral, please call our office.

Once a funeral is scheduled, please contact the Funeral Coordinator.  The Funeral Coordinator will help with the planning of the funeral services at St. Thomas. When coordinating with a funeral home, we ask that you please contact our Funeral Coordinator as well - contacting the funeral home alone is not sufficient. 

Funeral services may be pre-planned. Please contact the Funeral Coordinator to do so. 

Funeral Coordinator:  Nancy Dechaud (214-537-2490)

Funeral Services:

  • Visitation:  

    • Optional scripture and/or rosary service led by Deacon or family member

  • Mass: 

    • Celebrated by our pastor, Fr. John Martin, in most cases.  Deacon may also attend.

    • Musician available for a fee to play piano and/or guitar, sing, and/or lead choir 

    • Volunteers available for other ministries, such as lectors, or family members may participate 

    • Honorariums are customary for the priest and deacon

    • Donations to the church are customary for the use of the church

  • Cemetery Service:

    • Usually follows Mass

  • Luncheon

    • Hosted by the Ladies of St. Thomas and is available after the service. Food and money donations are always welcome to help this ministry to continue. ​

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