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Parish Ministires

Adult Small

This small group, led by jacob hubbard, meets each monday from 7-9pm. 

Currently, they are doing a series called There Is more. For more information, please press the button below.

Jovenes para cristo

this spanish-speaking group meets from 7-9pm each monday and thursday in the REB kitchen.

please click the button below to contact the leader of Jovenes Para Cristo.

Men's bible

this men's bible study meets each saturday morning at 7:30 AM in the Church Office.

To join, please contact Ray Savard at

Ladies of ST. Thomas

Ladies Group devoted to Scripture and socializing.

To join, please contact Mildred Duesman at 972-989-9353

Rosary Social Group

Meets the first Monday of each month to eat, pray the Rosary, and socialize.

To join, please contact Charlotte Petermeier at

Incarnate Ministries

Exploring the faith through a series of short and impactful videos meant to lead us to greater freedom.

Please click the link below to be redirected to our Incarnate Ministries page.

Funeral Information

Please Contact The FUneral Coordinator for information. Click the button below for more online information.

The funeral coordinator, nancy dechaud, can be reached at 214-537-2490

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