Attending Mass Update and Requirements (from Pastor)

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Family of St. Thomas Aquinas Pilot Point, Texas; Our Governor Gregg Abbott has mandated that Church’s in Texas be allowed to re-open with limitations and our Bishop Michael Olson has decided to re-open the Parishes in The Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth Texas. This will begin with our 5:00 P.M. Saturday evening Mass of anticipation, Saturday May 2, 2020. We will celebrate our regular weekend Mass schedule, Sunday 08:00, 11:00, and 12:45 (in Espanol). Please be aware of the fact that you are not obligated to attend Mass during the time of this Pandemic (there is a Dispensation) and you should probably wait if you have health issues or are concerned. Reconciliation: if you desire reconciliation please call our office; I will make myself available for this. We will sit on the benches outside of the Church (Open Air). Also on Saturday, I will be available for confessions from 1:00-4:00. Mass: if you plan on attending Mass please wear a Mask of some type; it does not have to be a medically approved mask, a homemade mask will work. This will be a requirement to attend Mass inside the Church as well as to receive Communion outside. (Mask) Please note: We are only allowed to have 50% occupancy in the Church, you can wait outside in your cars and come up to the steps of the Church to receive communion; please wear a Mask.             I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for all that you have done and continue to do during this time of trial. Many of you have been caring for one another, my-self, and the Community of Pilot Point as well as your own particular Communities (as some of you travel to get here). Thank you for continually supporting us financially, I am aware that many have been put into a financial burden. If you know someone suffering spiritually, physically, mentally, or financially please reach out to me and them and let us all seek some type of aid for them.   Peace be with you Always, Fr. John W. Martin. ============================================================= Some notes: All parishioners are dispensed of their Sunday obligation. Please do not forget about the live-stream at 11 and our online giving program! If you are concerned please worship from home. Everyone attending is required to wear a mask. Homemade ones are fine. People will not be seated without wearing a mask. We must err on the side of caution and protecting those who are most vulnerable to the dangerous effects of COVID-19 out an authentic love for our neighbor - a love that befits the selfless love of Christ extended to us in the gift of the Eucharist. If you do not desire to wear a mask for any reason, please stay home or follow the Mass by livestreaming in your car and receive holy communion when it is distrubuted safely in a designated area outside.  In order for us to provide live streaming we currently have the first several pews closed off on each side for cameras and other equipment. To do this we have cables strung on the floor. Please be aware of the potential trip hazards. The first few pews are closed for use. This means we currently have no assisted seating in the church. You will need to be able to proceed to the altar for communion and then return to your standard pew further back in the church. The church will only be open to less than 50% capacity. To accomplish this approximately every fourth row will be open. The others are roped off. Please respect the ropes. Please come in and fill from the front pews first. Use one family to a pew. Your family or couples may sit together. Other Individuals should spread out in each pew to maintain the minimum 6-foot distance. Please do not stand in the aisles. At Communion still wear your mask. Front rows first, just like normal. Note the boxes on the floor for spacing. Family members please space out as well and approach the minister one at a time with proper spacing. After receiving the Eucharist in hand, step at least 6 feet to the side to the next marked box, lift a corner of your mask, consume, replace the mask. Then continue around and back to your pew. After the recessional hymn, please exit starting at the rear of the church by pews, one row at a time. Exit the church and head to your cars. The patio has to remain closed to greeting and gathering. When the church is full to capacity (>25%) we will post signs indicating such. When it’s full, please stay in your cars and personally pray. An usher will indicate when to come up to the front outside stairs for communion. You must wear your mask when you are out of your car. Please form a single file line maintaining 6ft spacing. Family members please space out as well and approach the minister one at a time with proper spacing. After receiving the Eucharist in hand, step at least 6 feet to the side to the next marked box, lift a corner of your mask, consume, replace the mask. Then continue back to your car. The patio has to remain closed to greeting and gathering. A donation box will be available outside the church. Please help as our support is lower than normal but our expenses and capital commitment remain. We also maintain online giving. It is a safe and easy way to support. You are able to set up recurring donations if you would like. Just click this donation link.

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