Bulletin Troubleshooting

Hello St. Thomas Aquinas Community!

If you've been having trouble with the bulletin, I'm very sorry about that! The new website uses a different program to upload the bulletins, and some browsers block it.If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, the website will not work well for you and you will not be able to view the bulletin. Please download a new browser to use for the website, such as Microsoft Edge (the updated version of Internet Explorer), Google Chrome, or Firefox. Make sure your settings in any browser you use are set tonot block pop-ups from our website. I've tried a lot of different approaches for uploading the bulletin, but unfortunately there isn't any other viable way for me to do it! Just last week I added a new feature on the page that says: "Can't view Bulletin? Click Here." I use a different upload format for that one, so please let me know if that one is at least working for you all! I will update that one weekly as well.If we still can't get the bulletin to work for everyone via the website, we will start a mailing list for those who are unable to access it. That will only be started if none of the solutions listed above do not work. 

Please feel free to leave feedback on the "Contact Us" section of the website saying whether the bulletin is working for you or not!

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