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New Adult Course Beginning Oct 10 - Holiness Is Possible

Are you ready to unlock your faith life in an entirely new way? CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Hello, all! This is Jacob Hubbard with St. Thomas Aquinas announcing our newest adult faith formation course beginning Monday, October 10 - Holiness Is Possible! This brand new course will combine Catholic teaching with psychology to show us that we are designed for holiness and how we can live that out each moment of our lives.

In this 10-week series which will meet each Monday from 7-9PM, we will find very practical ways to grow in virtue and holiness through exercises and methods developed by some of the top Catholic psychologists of today. These methods are well-researched and extremely effective and include methods to control anxiety, to help increase motivation and productivity, to grow in your inner strength, and much more. I've compiled the methods together in this 10-week course, which will be offered both online via Zoom and in person.

The goal of this course is to discover the disposition of peace (of which countless Saints testify to!) through simple daily exercises grounded in the virtues and ordered toward God so that we can be more consistently fulfilled, productive, and happy. I learned and grew so, so much from discovering and designing this course, and I pray that this proven and exciting approach to our faith life can be as revolutionary for you all as it has been for me!

Each week will consist of a talk, discussion time, and then an activation. Again, this course will be very grounded and practical, looking to give you tools that God has designed within nature in order to help you live out your call to holiness more and more completely!

If you would like to register for this course which will begin Monday, October 10 from 7-9PM, please click the link below.

Please send any questions or comments you may have to

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